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best seat cover

Whether you want to give a new look to the interior of your vehicle or to spend more pleasant moments behind the wheel, all the reasons are good to acquire a car seat cover . Object combining aesthetics and comfort, it will allow you to overcome the moments of confusion of traffic jams or long journeys that never end. So, if you plan to get one, know that the models and brands are endless, we tell you what to choose.

Why put on a car seat cover?

Besides the fact that the seat cover dresses your interior according to your tastes, it has other advantages and it is not just an object of exhibition. Among its advantages:

Protects your seats

Stains, dirt or cigarette burns. The seat cover is a second layer. This will save you many headaches in order to keep your cabin in almost identical condition and cleanliness as new.

Very comfortable

Not as much as a massaging seat, but the design of the seat covers will fit your back and pelvis perfectly, to save you increased fatigue during long car journeys.

Can heat or cool

For slightly more expensive models, you can benefit from a heating system in winter and cooling in summer, in order to stay at the top of your comfort. And in parallel with the first point, the seat covers will protect your interior from just about everything: dog hair, spills, cigarette ashes, etc. This will allow you to preserve the value of your vehicle without spending more.

Renovate the seats

damaged car seatWhen a car is subjected to heavy use or has accumulated a certain number of kilometers, the fabric or leather of the seats can become dirty, torn, cracked or damaged. Dressing your seats with a seat cover will give them a totally new look.

How to choose car seat covers?

Car seat covers are usually chosen according to the type and year of manufacture of the car and fit perfectly. There are also universal seat covers that can be fitted to almost any seat.

Make sure the car seat cover meets various safety criteria. Many homologated variants have the following characteristics:

The different types of car seat covers!

car seat coverTastes and colors are indisputable and there is an infinity of choices regarding car seats , for any type of vehicle and any budget. It is therefore preferable that you choose according to your tastes and needs. The choice of seat covers depends on what you want to achieve with the covers. If you want above all to protect the seats against dirt, opt for simple textile models. On the other hand, if you want to enhance the look of your car’s interior, choose perfectly fitting leather seat covers. In winter, sheepskin seat covers are very pleasant.

The different materials of car seat covers

Car seat covers are made of different materials that have different characteristics. While some versions have a purely protective function, other car seat covers perform other functions as well. We present you different types of car seat covers:

Textile car seat covers

They are stretchable and adapt perfectly to the shape of the car seat. Cinching straps under the seat ensure a smooth, wrinkle-free surface of the cover. The openings for any airbags remain open. Depending on the model, the headrest of the seat is also covered. Fabric designs are plain or multi-colored and available in many colors and patterns. Seat covers printed with manga characters are popular with certain audiences. You will also find colors that match the color of the car or the interior.

Seat covers in leather or leatherette

car-seat-coverThey are not fixed with straps like the textile covers, but are completely threaded over the seat, the backrest and the headrest. That’s why it’s usually not universal models, so you have to choose suitable leather seat covers for your car model.

These covers have a heating function in addition to the simple aesthetic aspect. They are particularly popular in winter, are most often used on the driver’s seat and can be supplemented with a matching steering wheel cover. In summer, you can easily remove the protective covers with a flick of the wrist.

They are generally inexpensive and are used in private cars and trucks. They are secured with rubber bands and straps like textile car seat covers. They generally perform a simple protective function.

Neoprene seat covers

They are particularly suitable for summer. These seat covers are not only very comfortable, but they also reduce sweating and allow you to cool down.

However, you may not be able to find a model that interests you or that you hesitate between two. It is therefore in this theme of disentangling your uncertainty and guiding you that we are going to offer you our list for the few car seats that we prefer. Keep in mind that this list is not the result of any partnership with any brand, but only stems from our personal choice.

The Walser brand: Its seat covers are among the most popular models. Depending on the model, they adapt to several types of seats, with an ultra-breathable and very comfortable mesh cover for long distances or a model with a very sporty look and offers compatibility with home airbags;

GHSM: Offers a sheepskin model for higher budgets. These seat covers are very high quality. They will completely change the look of your interior;

The Walking Tiger brand: this brand is very high-end, but also offers some more affordable models, their products have an impeccable finish and can be put on any type of vehicle seat.

In summary, these few models or brands will show you the way to go. Be careful of counterfeits all the same, because although quite rare, they can be present.



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