Utility Trailer Safety – Tips for Tire Pressure, Weight, Cleaning and Repairs

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Owning a utility trailer can be very convenient for hauling and transporting large items. However, like any vehicle, regular safety checks and maintenance are important to keep your trailer in good working condition. Here are some important tips on tire pressures, weight considerations, cleaning, bearings, light maintenance, repairs, and when to contact a professional service company. Following these tips for utility trailer repair will help ensure your utility trailer is safe and roadworthy.

Tire Pressures

Checking and maintaining proper tire pressure is essential for safety and preventing wear on tires. Tires should be inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure, which is usually printed on a sticker inside the trailer door or on the VIN plate. Use a quality pressure gauge and check pressures when the tires are cold. Under-inflated tires can cause trailer swaying and blowouts. Over-inflated tires will wear unevenly.

Weight Considerations

Do not exceed the maximum load capacity and tongue weight specified by the manufacturer. Overloading places strain on the trailer and tow vehicle and can affect handling. Heavier items should be placed over the wheel axles, not on the rear. Distribute weight evenly from side-to-side to prevent fishtailing. Always weigh your loaded trailer at a truck scale.


Wash your trailer regularly with soap and water to prevent dirt buildup. This is especially important if hauling livestock or messy loads. Salt, grime, and road debris can also collect underneath and promote rust, so spray off the undercarriage when possible.


Wheel bearings should be repacked yearly. Have a mechanic inspect the bearings, races, and seals and replace any worn parts. This will prevent costly damage from frozen or burned-out bearings.

Light Maintenance and Repairs

Check all lights and wiring connections periodically to ensure they are working and not corroded. Tighten any loose bolts, latches, or hardware. Touch up paint scratches and chips to prevent rusting. Lubricate any squeaky pivot points, hinges, latches, etc.

Contact an RV and Truck Service Company for Utility Trailer Repair

For major repair work, brake service, or extensive corrosion issues, have your trailer serviced by a professional RV and truck repair shop. Technicians have the expertise to properly diagnose and fix problems with the frame, axles, brakes, wheels, and other components. Don’t take chances with DIY repairs that could affect the safe operation of your trailer. Contact one today for professional utility trailer repair.



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