The Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gear Shaper Cutter

Gear Shaper Cutter

Gear shaper cutters are essential for shaping the edges of gears, rotary blades, and other fabrications. Various gear cutter tool options are on the market today, from bench tops to band saws. So what’s the best choice for you?

The biggest consideration when choosing a gear shaper cutter is the blade type. There are two types of gear cutter blades: straight and curved. Straight-blade cutters are better for cutting continuous lengths of material, while curved blades are better for more complex curves and tight spaces.

Beyond the blade type, another key factor to consider is the speed setting. Gear shapers usually come with adjustable speeds ranging from slow to high speeds. Higher speeds are good for finer cuts, while slower speeds are suitable for thicker materials. The size and shape of your gear will also affect the speed you need to use, so consult your equipment manual before beginning your cuts. 

Types of gear shaper cutters available on the market

Once you’ve selected the gear shaper cutter and chosen the correct blade type, it’s time to choose the right cutting platform. Most gear shapers have a stationary base that sits above the blade and a movable arm that guides the material as it’s being cut. Many benches also include means for supporting both ends of the workpiece so you can move it around as needed. Just be sure to adjust your platform height accordingly, so it’s at an ergonomic height.

When sizing up a gear cutter, account for storage space as well. Many bench-top gear cutters fold up for easy storage, but some require assembly, which can add additional time to your project timeline.

A gear cutter is used to cut cogs or teeth into a workpiece. It is usually used to create gears for clocks, watches, and other mechanisms.Gear cutters can be divided into two categories: those that cut internal teeth (involute or spur) and those that cut external teeth (called helical).

  • Involute gear cutters are the most common type. They are used to cut spur gears and can also be used to cut helical gears if the cutter is rotated around the workpiece.
  • Helical gear cutters are used to cut helical gears. They are more challenging than implicate gear cutters and are not as common.

What are the benefits of gear cutters?

High-speed steel or tungsten carbide is used to make gear cutters. They come in various sizes, depending on the gear that needs to be cut.

Gear Cutter Tools are commonly used in lathes but can also be found in milling machines and other machining centers. Splines are also cut with gear cutters. Splines are grooves carved into a shaft to accommodate a gear or other splined component. Gear cutters designed to cut splines often have more teeth than gear cutters designed to cut gears.

Gear cutters are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The size and shape of the gear cutter are dictated by the size and shape of the gear being cut. The most common sizes and shapes of gear cutters are circular, square, and rectangular.



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