6 benefits of buying a used car

buying a used car

1 – A lower purchase price

Main reason why many people turn to the opportunity. Indeed, the prices practiced on the second-hand market are much more interesting than those on the new market. When you have a limited budget, a used car can be a real opportunity. This is the case, for example, of young drivers who make up part of the second-hand clientele. Faced with sometimes enticing prices, be careful to get a good deal. It is necessary to check that the necessary repairs and checks have been carried out before the sale of the vehicle. The savings made by buying a second-hand item should not be wiped out by repair expenses!

2 – Make a good deal

For an equivalent budget, you can benefit from a much more equipped car, and even from higher categories. It’s an opportunity to go upmarket and have options you wouldn’t have been able to get on a new car with your budget.

A higher end model

At an equivalent budget where in new you would have access to certain brands and models of cars, by buying a used car you can claim a more Premium brand or model. The second-hand market for Premium and luxury cars can prove to be a real opportunity.

3 – Vehicle discount

As soon as it leaves the factory, a new car loses value. The first years are those where the latter lose value the most quickly. Generally we are talking about a depreciation of 20 to 30% the first year, 15 to 20% the second year, 12 to 15% the third and 6 to 12% the following years. It is about 50% of its value that a vehicle loses in the first three years. Then the discount rate decreases. It is therefore a vehicle that will lose its value less quickly than you will buy if you acquire it after its 3 years. And above all, you will have the opportunity to find a vehicle at less than 50% of its initial value, by buying it after 3 years.

If this is not good news for buyers of new vehicles, it is a real opportunity for those who have favored used cars. They can thus take advantage of very recent second-hand vehicles at half the price.

4 – A possibility to negotiate with the seller of the used car

On the second-hand market it is possible to discuss the price of the vehicle. The prices are not fixed on the latter. The car is a second-hand is there an argument to negotiate. In addition, other faults and small imperfections may come to feed your arguments to negotiate. Of course, don’t forget that this is a used car…

5 – The cost of car insurance

The price of the insurance that will cover your used car is more affordable than that of a new car. This is so because companies calculate the annual cost from the resale value of a car. In addition, depending on your age, you will not necessarily choose the ” all-risk ” cover, which is the most expensive. The monthly costs of auto insurance are not negligible, this is still an argument if you have a limited budget.

6 – Immediate availability

After the discussions, negotiations and signature of the contract, you will immediately have the keys to your car. Unlike the purchase of a new vehicle where there may be more or less long waiting times after the order, by buying a used car you will have it right away. Especially since car dealerships may face supply difficulties .



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