Young driver: how to buy his first car?

buy his first car

If you just got your driver’s license, you naturally want to buy your first car. As a young driver, you will have to make the right choice , which is far from obvious, because different parameters come into play. And above all, it is your first car, so you have no hindsight and only know that of the driving school or even that of your parents if you have opted for supervised driving.

Choosing the right car means opting for a coherent carwith your lack of experience. Is it really worth buying a new car and spending a fortune when you are not immune to making a few mistakes and scratching it or damaging the bodywork? It is therefore necessary to weigh the pros and cons between a new car and a used car as a young driver.

It is often advisable to start with a second-hand car until you get the hang of it, it will be cheaper, both to buy and in terms of insurance. Because don’t forget that car insurance is expensive when you’re a young driver.

If you want to opt for a  new car, your purchase will be made at a dealership . This can be done in a physical garage or online where we often discover very good opportunities. More expensive, the new car allows you to have a vehicle that will not require repairs for a long time.

But, as we told you, a new vehicle is expensive. You have to take into account the purchase price and the car insurance . A young driver car insurance, all risks moreover, will not be given. Naturally, we can only advise you to use a car insurance comparator, this will allow you to make substantial savings.

If you wish to prefer asecond-hand vehicle, then you will have the choice between a garage and private . This time, the choice is difficult. Indeed, by buying your first car from a garage, you will be more certain of the quality of it. It will have been revised, you will have a guarantee of a few months and can thus turn against your seller.

By buying from an individual through a classifieds site, you will pay less for your car. But what about the quality of the vehicle? If you don’t know anything about cars, it’s pretty easy to get tricked, especially as a young driver. You may not pay attention to the small details that make all the difference and could lead to heavy repairs in the short term. Do not hesitate, in this case, to be accompanied by an expert and to test the vehicle thoroughly.

To buy your first car, you may need to borrow . Don’t take the first offer your banker makes. Today, many French people choose to use an auto credit comparator. This allows, free and fast, to find the best offer with an attractive rate . In this way, you can choose to lower your monthly payments or treat yourself by buying a slightly more expensive vehicle.

As you will have noticed, buying your first car is far from simple. If you want a new car, will you have the budget to pay for your young driver car insurance ? If you like speed, getting a powerful car will be as bad for your safety as it is for your insurance budget once again. As for the purchase of this first car, it is up to you to determine whether you want to take the risk of buying it from an individual or whether you prefer to play it safe by going to a garage.



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